Body Wellness

September 1, 2020

To have a life full of happiness and peaceful times we must look after our wellness in general, not in one sort of wellness or two sorts.

We must cover all sides that related with wellness.

And in this part of wellness we will talk about body wellness.

How can I make my body healthy? What is the best way to save my body wellness?

Well, let's go.

There are many things that can make your body wellness healthy and can decrease the risks of diseases, heart attacks and some injuries:

1- Eat healthy:

What you eat is the main reason to have healthy body and it linked directly to the illnesses that infects you.

So, you should choose some food which make you more healthy like drink water directly when you wake up from sleep, eat vegetables and fruits and avoid fast food.

2- Play sports:

Always get regular exercises, play sports when you can that will help you to control your weight, avoid illnesses & injuries, make you younger and treat you from depression.

Exercising 60 minutes in a week is better than none.

3- Lose weight:

If you are overweight then you must try to control it because much weight cause you much disease like: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and problems in knees.

4- Don't smoke:

Don't use tobacco and cigarettes, it is the harmful habit that most of people do without care about its effects.

It causes heart disease, mouth, throat or lung cancer.

You have time, the sooner you quit the better you get.

5- Visit Doctors:

Try regularly visit doctors to make sure about your wellness.

It is not wrong or shamed to go to doctors.

6- Restful sleep:

Try avoiding staying up late at night and sleep early because staying up late effects on your brain and effects on your performance at work the next day.

The human body cycle for sleep is 6 hours over 6 hours.

In other words, if you want to sleep and wake up energetic sleep 6 hours or 12 hours and so well.

7- Save time for fun:

Don't think that not having fun don't affect on your body wellness.

Having fun keeps you more hopeful and make you achieve your goals.

In the end, all of us should look after our body wellness and gave it its needs because our lives is the most important in this world.