Environmental Wellness

September 3, 2020

Everything surrounds us daily in work, school and neighborhood called the environment.

The environment around you must be safe and comfortable for you because it affects at your performance and efforts.

So, what is the best ways to improve this sort of wellness? how can i make my environment healthy and safe?

The answers of the previous questions lies here in this article.

So, let's go.

There are many strategies that improves the environmental wellness:

1- Make your home healthy and clean:

Your house is the most place you settle in and it is one of your environments that should be clean and comfortable because you may spend most of the time at your house so make it healthy and don't make it dirty.

2- Eliminate your allergies:

The changes in weather, the changes of the seasons and some of the natural accidents could make allergies to you so take your precautions in these times because you are the ultimate one who knows what harms you.

3- Avoid hot weather:

Heat is one of the biggest dangers in summer times it causes illnesses and skin cancer and some illnesses can be deadly, so try avoiding the sun rays and use sun cream.

4- Struggle cold weather:

Cold is also one of the most dangerous things in winter times because it makes you ill and has a stomachache, so try to make yourself warm and safe from these states.

5- Create a healthy company:

Make your environment company healthy and clean.

Avoid smoking cigarettes and advice your friends about this bad habit.


Environmental wellness is an awareness of the unstable state of the earth and the effects of your daily habits on the physical environment.

It includes being involved in socially responsible activities to protect the environment.