Financial Wellness

September 2, 2020

We all know the importance of having money and being efficient in work or in other words, the importance of financial wellness.

Financial wellness playing a big role in our lives makes us more confident and happier and when we are talking about good financial well-being we are talking that our bills are paid, having a little money for the future, and feeling comfortable in present.

So, What is the best ways to improve this wellness?

Let's dig deep:

There are many ways to improve our financial wellness:

1- Create a budget:

You must set up a budget in order to control your money and manage your spending.

Also you should earn more than you spend to be in financial health that is help you to save some money for the future too.

2- Create a list:

Make a list for your daily spending so you can know where your money goes and manage them if there was any non sense waste of money.

You should plan to live for today while saving for the future.

3- Think forward:

"Save your white money for your black day".

That previous sentence is very important, imagine that someday you quit or fired from work ... what would you do? so this tip is working correctly.

You need to save some money aside for the future or for a some vaccasion.

4- Invest!:

Invest your money in things that may increase it.

If you don't want or can't invest try to convert your money into dollars or put it in a bank so you can't waste it quickly.

5- Talk about money with someone you trust:

It feels good when you walk about your money with someone you can trust like your best friend, your father or one of you relatives so they could help you with an helpful advise or clear your thoughts about investment things.

6- Cut down your waste habits:

If you have a some kind of lifestyle you used to do and it is bad for your saving money you must kick it.

example: If you have used to buy fast food everyday you should try cooking because it is more secure for your health and cheaper.

7- Make a plan A and plan B:

Make a plan for what you want to be in 5 or 10 years and where you want to go.

Create a monthly budget and save the rest of the money you earns so you could have some money in the future and invest it in a project.

8- Be open-minded:

You may wonder what this tip is use for but trust me, in your life you would have an annoying conversations like you can't buy this or you can't make it and as well.

So, you must accept these sentences with an open mind and not to get upset.

It improves your financial wellness.

9- Borrow what you can afford:

If a day comes and you have to borrow some money try to borrow it so you can afford it and return it in the next days.

If you borrow money that you can't afford you will be in many troubles.

10- Freeze your credit card:

You can freeze your credit card in order to minimize your credit card use and not to waste it at every single non sense thing.

When you want to purchase something big and expensive you can deactivate the freeze and buy the thing you want.

This tip also helps you from identity theft by the way.


By implementing the above ten financial wellness tips into your life you can take control of your money and achieve both your short- and long-term goals.